Jane Win Girl Gang: City Boot Founder Lizzy Chesnut

Jane Win Girl Gang: City Boot Founder Lizzy Chesnut

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Lizzy! I am absolutely thrilled to chat with you today—Welcome to the girl gang! Thank you for taking the time.

Lizzy Chesnut JW

Lizzy in her City Boots & JW Texas Coins

Give us a little background on you for our customers who may be unfamiliar. Where are you from and where did you get your start? 

Growing up in Amarillo, boots were a family tradition and everyday attire for me. However, when I went off to college at SMU in Dallas, I noticed that my girlfriends from all over the country loved the idea of wearing boots but had no idea where to purchase or how to style them.

I love that boots are a family tradition for you and that you showed all your girls the ropes. I know I have told you before but I literally worship my City Boots. Do you get that a lot? Tell us about the inspiration and process that led you to start City Boots.

Two of the main concerns I heard from my friends at college were comfort and “clunkiness”.  I’ve really strived to create a product that is wearable all day long while also elevated in design and more sophisticated in silhouette to flatter the leg and make my customers feel their best. I love the practicality of a cowboy boot combined with the added bonus of looking great.

Agreed and that's why I wear mine literally every day 😉 I can feel the quality and care that were put into creating my boots every time I wear them and I know you and your team pride yourself on that. Why is heirloom quality and flattering design so important to you when designing and creating each pair of boots?

So much of the romance behind the idea of wearing a cowboy boot is in the allure of the western lifestyle. I think deep down inside everyone wants to know more about the cowboy way of life. There’s something about it that is just so authentic. In my mind, there was no other way to maintain that sense of authenticity than keeping with the traditions of handmade cowboy boot construction that has been passed down for centuries.

What is your favorite thing to shop for (other than boots of course)? What is your everyday “uniform”?

I’m so obsessed with finding quality pieces that will last a lifetime but walk the edge of making a statement and speaking to my unique sense of style…

I’m also big on dressing simple and accessorizing with jewelry, footwear, jackets and handbags.  You can usually find me in either jeans and a fitted shirt or a floral dress. And of course….CITY Boots and my Jane Win neckmess.

Lizzy Chesnut City Boots in Jane Win

Lizzy in her Jane Win Hope & Jane Win Texas coin

We also love your Jane Win neck-mess!! You have our Texas coin and our Hope coin—what drew you to each piece?

I want them all!!!

I started with Hope  because sometimes life can be hard. I love the reminder that even when times are hard and we feel like there is nothing left to hold on to, Hope is always there.

Texas? That one was easy! I am such a die hard Texan that I own my own cowboy boot company. And for every part of life that is hard…it has to be balanced out by something fun.

I love that attitude and couldn't agree more. You are so TX proud – what other Texas based brands should we have our eye on??

*Clint Orms Silversmith based in Kerrville, Texas. AMAZING buckles

*American Hat Co. for all your cowboy hat or fashion hat needs. Buy in the stockyards in Fort Worth at Best Hat Store. Such a cool experience to have your hat shaped custom to your taste.

*Upland Bespoke is another cool brand that makes chic hunting clothing for women. No more bulky men’s clothes for the field.

Entrepreneurship is a grind. What advice do you have for women who want to start a business?

Don’t expect for things to happen overnight, let things evolve and give yourself enough runway to get off the ground. Oh, and hire someone before you think you’re ready.

A few fun quickfire questions…

Hearts or Lightning? BOLTS all the way. It’s the phase I’m in

What!!! You know I am team hearts but I adore the bolts too. Short boots or tall? Tall

Same, always. Do you wear your boots more with a skirt/dress or denim? 50/50

Ranch water or margarita? Margarita

Beach or lake or mountain? One of each please!

Favorite city to visit? New York I love the energy

What do you never leave the house without? My little dog Birdie

Absolutely loved chatting with you Lizzy.

I hope all of you love City Boots as much as I do. Head to their site for an exclusive offer of $100 off your first pair of boots. Lucky you! 

Jane Win City Boots

Fave way to style my City Boots, the cutest dress and tons and tons of jewelry!

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