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Italy Dream Closet

NOTE: Written while madly grabbing passport, taking a Covid test, throwing loads of necklaces into a carry on and convincing Mr. Jane Win to let me check more than one bag 😉

ITALY IS HAPPENING. Mr. Jane Win and I leave tonight and I could not be more excited. We are Covid tested and playing by all of the travel rules (of course). I am packing tons of fabulous dresses and jewelry and even MORE masks – not as fabulous but happy to wear them if that means I get to be in my special place.

September has been a whirlwind so far, I was in NH for a few days then straight to LA with our designer Rachel to visit a few of our factories. I have to tell you, making product brings me such joy. Of course we love designing but working with people to produce the pieces, by hand….it is incredible. We were in Los Angeles to meet with a caster who makes a lot of our special coins: think letters, zodiacs and a new Share the Love coin that I am dying to tell you about but sworn to secrecy until September 27th. We also met with a woman who helps us make product overseas – where we try to focus on female owned factories (between you and met that is like finding a needle in a haystack but we have done it!). I love getting to know the people who put their time and so much care into creating our line – these are not casual relationships – we trust these people with our most precious designs and we spend time with them to build relationships that mean something. It’s just the Jane Win way. Here are some incredible BTS shots of coins being made…

 LA Photos

So hot off a trip to LA and now off to Italy. Why? Well Italy has been a constant source of inspiration for me. The first time I drank too much was in Venice (14ish years old hello Harry’s Bar) – and then I spend my 21st birthday there (now THAT should be a blog in unto itself), and then honeymooning with Doug there, these are real milestone moments. Capri has been an island I have visited consistently – honestly I try to get there every other year - since I was a tween. I remember walking through the crowded Piazza with my Dad and then slipping through small back streets discovering hidden gems. I love all of Italy, but Capri in particular is magic for me. When I first took Mr. Jane Win, we had been dating a year and he says that he realized on that trip that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. It makes me cry to even think about how wonderful that trip was and how lucky we are to be together. Doug and I took our kids on a giant trip a few years ago and stayed in the coolest house in Capri. I had just left Lilly Pulitzer and was starting Jane Win – and I started designing the coins while in Capri. I was absolutely brimming with excitement for my next venture and this intense sense of confidence and freedom to build something new. You may know this already but the LOVE coin was inspired by the wrought iron gate detail above the door on the house we were staying. My love of the island runs deep and I can’t wait to go to all of my favorite restaurants and beaches. I will post a ton of pics.

I am hopping all over the place but in my jewelry case is my favorite fall stone, Lapis. Growing up, my mom wore a cabochon lapis lazuli ring every day. That ring reminds me of the hands-on mother my mom was. She made me a million peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in that ring – that’s glamour! It is the reason that I was inspired to create a jewelry line. More on that here.

Back to LAPIS! My favorite. Lapis is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. If you are looking for stones/crystals for healing, Lapis is said to stimulate wisdom and good judgment. It drives the desire for knowledge, truth and understanding, and aids the process of learning. The world is so crazy right now. I think we all could use a little extra wisdom, knowledge, and good judgment 😉

My obsession with Lapis extends throughout all of our collections. We have the Joy Lapis Daisy, Freedom Carved Lapis Butterfly, Love Lapis Carved Heart & Earrings, and my faaaavorite fall addition, the Lapis Beaded Chain. For our first night in Capri, I am picturing this stunning Cinq A Sept dress paired with my Lapis Carved Heart and layers of coins and charms.

Check out the rest of my packing list below. Wish us luck with all of our pre-Italy tests and I will be back next week after a much needed week of Italian sun and inspiration.

xx, Jane


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