Jane's Dream Closet: VOTE!

VOTE VOTE VOTE and bring a friend. Shop our favorite VOTE merch now!

November 3rd is around the corner. No matter what news channel you are watching, it is a monumental year and our emotions are running HIGH. Last night I watched the national news and ended up in a two-hour-red-wine-tik-tok-binge to make my mind “forget”. THIS. IS. NOT. THE. ANSWER. 😊
As usual, shopping is the answer. And voting is the answer! So let’s combine spreading the word on getting your voice counted with a shopping spree. Shop our favorite VOTE goodies below.
All joking aside, everyone in our office will have all day to vote – be prepared for lines or get your mail-in ballot early. Casting your vote has never been more important so plan ahead and be prepared for anything. I’m going early and bringing a book! We live in a spectacular country where a woman like me can start a company at age 45, make beautiful product in the USA and connect with you. I feel incredibly lucky to be an American and voting is a privilege. See you at the polls.