Press Highlights: JW as Travel and Leisure's Top Pick

We just want to travel. So. Bad. Quarantine has certainly been a challenge, and we can't wait for the day when we can hop on a plane again. Which is the reason we created our Destinations collection - to take us to the places we love when we can't be there in person.
We aren't the only ones craving some island-hopping. The editors at Travel and Leisure have also been home, and they pulled together their top 10 items they've purchased during quarantine...and our coin jewelry by Jane Win is included! As editor Jacqueline Gifford puts it:
"Now that I'm on Zoom calls 24/7, I need a little neck flair to feel professional and frankly cheerful — dressing up from the waist up has become the new normal! I love to layer my gold necklaces, so I'll add on this Bermuda pendant from Jane Winchester when I want to dream of going away to an island — from my Manhattan apartment."
We are so honored! Check out their other top items - from fashion to home goods - here.