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There is a bohemian look of glittery, dangly, LAYERED gold jewelry that emulates the ultimate in laid-back sophistication. As a kid I can remember my mother getting ready for cocktail parties, her ‘look’ was always something like this…a loose French braid, and layers of silk - deep purple wide leg silk pants and a lavender spaghetti strap silk top. She wore Opium perfume - the most delicious oriental scent (I’m not a beauty blogger but Opium is a must have, purchase here). 

She wore layers of gold jewelry and my favorites earrings were the fish. I was fascinated by the way they moved.

I am the proud owner of these fish now and they have started an obsession of fish pendants and earrings. Whenever I travel to Hong Kong I buy the inexpensive ‘enamel’ fish by the dozen and give them to friends on a leather cord as hostess gifts. My grandmother gave me a pair of 14k gold fish that elicit comments from my most sophisticated friends. Many of the fish in jewelry are koi, which symbolize good luck, prosperity, longevity, courage and ambition. Fish are GREAT feng shui – in your home or on your ears :). Here are some fish to start your collection.

Here is a affordable way to pull this look together - just thread the enamel fish on a leather cord or gold wire. So easy. Click on images below for links to purchase:


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