Trending in Jewelry: Crescents and Moons

Where to start...well first off: we are pretty obsessed with the moon here at Jane Winchester. Our logo is a crescent moon and a compass star so we use it as a symbol to identify our brand. That’s dedication.

The moon, a crescent, and a crescent with a star are symbols that have been used in jewelry for thousands of years. YES - thousands! Most generally, the moon is known as a feminine symbol that represents time and strength. Bejeweled Magazine talks about moon and star symbolism in jewelry HERE.

It’s interesting that we are drawn to the moon as a symbol as it represents change over time, and so many of us are afraid of change. Let’s get over that! Change and the passing of time bring strength and wisdom; something to be appreciated not feared. LOL easier said than done.

While the symbol of the moon in jewelry goes in and out of style, it certainly seems to be trending now. I wear a crescent necklace from my husband designed by the extremely talented and chic Jennifer Zeuner.

Here are some of our favorite crescent pieces in the market this second:


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