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The world knows (I know, I told them) that I’ve been having a hard time with the Jane Winchester business this week. What it all comes down to is quality of production. I am determined to create a line that’s special, has a high perceived value and will look beautiful over time. This has proven to be much harder than I anticipated. The respect I have for fine jewelers as well as anyone making quality plated jewelry has grown exponentially! Having taken jewelry classes forever and most recently spent hours sawing and hammering brass...WOW is it hard. It’s a physical art that balances vision and creativity with science and delicate strength.

While I work away to make sure the Jane Winchester line is as beautiful as it should be, I though the blog this week could focus on exquisite items in the market that exemplify taste and craftsmanship: my LUST LIST.

During different times of your life you lust after (meaning it’s well beyond what you imagine spending) different types of jewelry. Seems like the lifecycle goes something like: 20’s = You get David Yurman but lust after your your first Cartier, 30’s You get Tiffany (more than silver!) but you lust after your first Van Cleef or Harry Winston, and then 40’s AHHH I LOVE BEING IN MY 40’s and know that the 50’s and 60’s will be even better! From a jewelry perspective you lust after the unique. You may have some big name pieces like Cartier or statement Tiffany and you want to layer them with items that others wonder "where did she get that".

One designer that stands-out to me as a MUST HAVE if you love fine jewelry but want something a bit quirkier is Renee Lewis. When I worked in the PR Department at Barneys New York in 1997ish I was obsessed with her collection and it was a huge deal when I got a pair of her mismatched earrings. Renee takes found/vintage stones and puts them together in unique ways; she is most well known for her ‘shake’ pendants (many have copied her creation!). Photographed above are my treasured Renee Lewis Earrings - YOU MUST visit Barneys to see her art in person (link). 

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would start with the lust list below. If I had to choose ONE this second it would probably be the Tiffany Bone Cuff - ahhh is that basic? It’s just such an every-day statement! Alllll that gold!

Enjoy! Tons of love and xx, Janie

Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff at Tiffany $15,000

Panthere de Cartier Ring $25,300

Andrea Fohrman Luna Necklace at Ylang23 $5000

Auriele Biderman Bell Bracelet at Barneys $5315

Sidney Garber Serpente Bracelet $48,000

Irene Neuwirth Heart Shaped Pendant $14,960


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