Over Monograms? NOT THESE.

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I honestly can’t believe I am writing about monograms. Growing up in the south, I have been monogrammed within an inch of my life...but always in a predictable way. What’s catching my eye now is a fresh take on the initial or monogram.

Rewind. Why is a jewelry designer/blogger writing about monograms? As you may have read, the Jane Winchester line of jewelry is based off coins. Primarily coin jewelry. I have been doing research on all coins to help design the 8 pendants that are the foundation of the JW line. The use of monogramming started with ancient Greek and Roman rulers marking coins with their monogram to identify the region and who was in charge. Some great history on that here.

As I began researching coins, I have been captivated by spectacular monograms and crests to identify families. It helped me ‘respect’ the concept of monogramming. There is an art to monogramming that had been lost on me as a result of years wearing monogrammed hair bows. No longer - it’s time to monogram again in new ways.

Just this week I received a package from some girls who are making simple yet chic monogram jewelry. They started with single initial chokers and are now layering them with other symbols. They sent us a skull, my FAVORITE, to be layered with an initial. My daughter Tiki was lucky enough to be included in this gift and is modeling her choker in the above picture. She has not taken the choker off since it arrived, so I know it’s cool. THANK YOU to Very Perry Jewelry for sending us the goodies and congrats on starting a business while in high school - it’s an excellent experience. 

I’ve gone beyond jewelry for this blog, which is an exception to the rule. I either want for myself, or plan to give as a gift, everything listed below so hope you love it. Tons of love and xx, Janie

Emily McCarthy Personalized Stationery $98

Mark and Spencer Bangle Set $90

Neely & Chloe Embossed Make-up Bag $88

Monogram Goods Skull Car Mats $175

Catbird Knuckle Ring $162

Capri Perla Monogram Sneaker $35

Catbird Monogram Earrings at Net a Porter $48

Tde. Star Clutch $130

Jillian Abboud Swivel Custom Ring (price upon request)


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