Mr. Jane Win's Father's Day Gift Guide 2021

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Mr. Jane Win's Father's Day Gift Guide 

So … most of you know me only as Mr. Jane Win.  I actually enjoy the moniker AND I like working behind the scenes to support Janie and the rest of the Jane Win team.  We thought it would be fun for you to get a little glimpse into my side of Jane Win with Father's Day fast approaching and to launch the Father's Day gift guide (SCROLL DOWN ⬇️).

So what does Mr. Jane Win do in all this craziness you might ask??  First of all, I am driving force behind the designs of our best jewelry pieces, I select each of the WORDS that inspire our pieces – FOREVER, LOVE, PROTECT, HOPE, etc., and I have the vision for all the amazing imagery that symbolizes Jane Win. 

Baaaaaahhahahha … KIDDING 😊.  

Truly, I spend my time behind the scenes, and I love doing the little things that allow Janie and the Jane Win team to bring you these jewelry pieces that commemorate your milestone moments.  I like to say that I am the best one at Customer Service, but, really, I do all the technology, integration, and automation for the website, email, SMS, coffee supplier, plus part time accountant – I do really LOVE the mix of technology and marketing that I do for Jane Win, nights and weekends, when I am not doing my day job. I am guessing many of you think that is the boring part, but it really is fun.

Now do you want to know any secrets about Jane?  We are thinking about a new blog series called “Ask Mr. Jane Win” where I would answer questions about Jane and ecommerce  – 😜 hahahahahah again, just kidding.  This may be a “1 of 1” event, or not, but regardless, thank you for being part of the Jane Win family. 


Doug aka Mr. Jane Win 


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