I am overwhelmed. I have been at Lilly Pulitzer for over 11 years and loved (almost) every second of it. It is surreal to leave a place you have been a quarter of your life, a place that has become home, with co-workers who feel like family. I have an enormous amount of warmth, love and respect for my TEAM and the talented people at the company. As I walk in for my last day my desk is filled with the loveliest notes – and PRESENTS – omg do I love presents. One of the favorite things that I have read (from Kristen SO MUCH LOVE FOR HER) is ‘outstanding leaders pass the torch with the fire blazing’ and I think I am doing that, leaving on a high, and moving on with the blessing of those I have worked with because they know I have to move on to the ‘next’.

“People will never forget how you made them feel” -Maya Angelou

What I will never forget from this moment is how my co-workers made me feel on my last day. They were all honest and thoughtful – I feel appreciated, loved and respected. I will be forever grateful to them for that.

Tons of love & xx Janie