You Never Forget Your FIRST: the first fine jewelry piece I ever designed

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WE JOKINGLY CALL IT MY HEADLIGHT. I was very lucky to receive a lot of jewelry as a teen and young adult. My Dad, my grandparents – everyone – was really into jewelry as gifts. Tiffany was a favorite in our house and if you were lucky there was a ‘little blue box’ under the christmas tree.  In addition to buying jewelry, everyone was always having jewelry made. My grandfather would have earrings made from his grandmother’s cocktail ring – creating something new out of something old. My Dad would travel everywhere and bring back stones – he would work with the local jeweler and create something. It was a way to give something incredibly unique.

When I was in college my Dad came back from Thailand (eek, or China or India) with a large citrine stone. For my birthday he told me to go to the local jeweler and design a piece. I’m not sure he knew what he was getting into!

The stone was pretty big – too big to be appropriate as a ring (at my age I would never wear it), so I decided on a pendant. I was heavily influenced by David Yurman who (this is 1993ish) was certainly trending. GREAT history of his incredible work HERE

I put 20 small diamonds around the citrine, added a small blue topaz into the pendant loop and VOILA – I had an ‘everyday’ statement piece. When I brought it home to show my Dad he thought it was too garish, but I loved it. He named it my “headlight” because that clear green citrine just shines right at you!

I wear the piece occasionally and love the history more than the overall look. When you create something, from stones you were given or have been passed down, it takes on a larger meaning and story. I am thrilled I had that experience early in life and can’t wait to give you more in the near future.

Have any questions on how to create a custom piece with your local jeweler? I’m happy to help, please CONTACT ME!

Tons of love & xx Janie


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