So What’s With the Name?

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I come from an incredible American family. My great great great great grandfather Oliver invented the Winchester repeating rifle – known as ‘the gun that won the west’. As the story goes, Oliver invented the first gun that could fire continuously and the ‘Winchester’ was the most innovative gun of it’s time.

There were good times and then there was over-expansion and the ruin of the Winchester company. Our family has an authentic history and memorabilia to go along with it. My mother wears a ring from the Czar of Russia that was sent as a gift when we sent guns during a civil uprising. She wears it everyday to walk the dog and play tennis – so – nothing is too precious :).

This family legacy is something I am proud of but it’s also conflicting – I am not an advocate of gun use. I take from it this – a family of inventors and innovators. I will build Jane Winchester to create beautiful jewelry and give back whenever possible – an additional legacy for the family name.

Here’s a little bit of history as published by T&C when my cousin Laura wrote a book about the family:

Tons of love & xx, Janie

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