Press Highlight: Founder Jane Winchester Paradis on The Glossy Podcast

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Jane Winchester Paradis The Glossy Podcast

If you read the blog this week, you know that I have been a longtime fan of The Glossy Podcast. This week I was interviewed by an idol of mine, Jill Manoff, for the Glossy podcast. While this is an industry podcast serving fashion and beauty – I think you would all love to listen (linked here). Thank you to Jill and the Glossy team for having me.

A little context on my love for The Glossy Podcast: during the first year of the pandemic, I was alone in our showroom packing orders – our business was half the size it is now – and I would listen to two podcasts: Jill’s Glossy Forum and How I Built This by Guy Raz. They ‘kept me company’ as I packed your jewelry, handwriting each note. I learned so much from the stories of other founders building their brands. Sometimes it was a focus on marketing or building a relationship with your customer…sometimes it was another founder living through the changes covid was bringing their business. It was a highlight of my day because I felt like I was not alone in yes the struggles, and very much bonded with others in a determination to make something great.

When Jill asked to interview me for her podcast I – fell off my chair. I am so so honored and hope that I can inspire, both smaller business AND larger ones in the way we have chosen to navigate not just a pandemic, but how our core values have made our company what it is. Mental picture for you: because my house is grand central, they suggested I record in a room with no windows and lots of fabric?!?!? So, my career HIGH happens while hiding in the back of my closet, wearing giant headphones and recording the conversation on my phone.

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