Signet Rings: Not just for Grandfathers :)

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While monogramming ‘everything’ may go in-and-out of vogue, the classic signet ring is a piece many adapt for life. There is a typical signet ring that is being blown-up this Fall. FUN.

Typically a signet ring is worn on the pinky.

Typically a signet ring is for men!

Typically a signet ring bore a family crest or an ornate monogram.

Typically a signet ring was pretty stodgy and for those ‘with money’.

Lucky for us, the NEW signet ring is not typical: it can be worn on any finger, is for women (anyone!), there are a million options beyond the crest, and you don't have to spend a lot - even for something custom.

Read this for an incredible history of the signet style and explanation on how a custom ring is made.

Here are our picks for the best signet rings in all price points. While we love a fashion purchase this is one trend where you can feel TOTALLY comfortable investing; a signet ring is a classic style you can wear as a signature piece your entire life. If you click on the pictures below you can purchase these rings direct from the designer.

Tons of love and xx, Janie

Baublebar Custom Monogram Ring $52

Kate Spade Heart Ring $118

Sia Personalized Signet Ring $44-$300

Asha by ADM Skull Ring $295

Nora Kogan at Shopbop $310

Ursa Major Custom Monogram Ring $690

Retrouvai Flying Pig Signet Ring $1040

Luna Skye Moon and Diamond Star Signet Ring $1250

Foundrae Alphabet Signet Ring with Diamond $3730


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