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I will add to this list over time but wanted to publish our resources-to-date for those interested in starting a company (or if you wonder how it all goes down). Here are the steps we took to get started and some of the vendors we chose to work with:

You need to make it legal: FORMING YOUR COMPANY
While the options may seem complicated it is actually easy to navigate – please do not be intimidated by this process. There is a very clear breakdown HERE.

I chose to create an LLC primarily because of taxes and liability. I may decide to transition to a corporation later if I want to issue stock – but not now. You can file to create your business yourself, but I chose to work with a local firm that will later help with our taxes.

See SD Accounting.

You need to make it legal: PROTECTING YOUR NAME
Having worked for some spectacular brands, I know that having legal claim to our company name is a priority. I also know we want a strong logo mark that we can protect against others in the market. I chose a local firm that I found by googling (and then went and met the principles to make sure we were a fit).

See Snyder Business Law.

I opened a business account with my local Wells Fargo branch. I have checks and a debit card. To create a business account you need your company filing information (seal and EIN number) so start with creating your corporation. Once you have the giant binder from the state with your company documents you are good to open a bank account.

Finances: KEEP TRACK
We are using quickbooks. A friend who is an accountant (and spectacular) came over and sat with us for an hour to make sure we set everything-up correctly. Quickbooks makes it easy! One of the biggest pointers I can give from having a company for years (Buzz by Jane Fox) is that keeping your books organized is critical. Stay on top of it monthly – do not cut corners – be diligent!

See QuickBooks from Intuit.

You need to decide between points, miles or cash. Those are the most substantial ‘things back’ you can get from credit cards. I went for the cash :). Here is some good perspective from the points guy.

I ended up with the SPARK from Capitol One which gives 2% cash back, the highest we could find in the market.

The list will build over time! Please contact us with any questions, we are happy to share our perspective.

Tons of love and xx, Janie


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