Jane's Dream Closet: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020
Mother’s Day 2020 It’s that time of year again. And if you know us, our GOAL IN LIFE is to win the gift giving game. Clearly this year is different. It means more – it just does. Our thoughts are?...
Jane's Dream Closet 2020.03.25
      Alexis Dress | JW Love Full-Heart Pendant | JW Hearts Find Me Love Pendant | JW Love Cut Out Pendant | Tibi Sandal      Zimmerman Swimsuit | Bobbi Brown Perfume | Shashi Hair Tie | Love JW  Large Hoop Earrings...
Summer Solstice - Shop our Summer Must Haves
Growing up I spent summers with family on the shores of Long Island Sound in Brandord, CT. Our house was surrounded by rocks and water on three sides and we woke-up with the sun - running to get cousins for...
Western Influence and GASP: Silver

Thank you Georgia O'Keeffe, thank you Ralph Lauren, and thank you InStyle Magazine. The Western influence is coming on strong for Spring 2017 and hints are being sprinkled everywhere. One day, while I was shopping TJ Maxx, I ran across a giant costume western necklace, silver with turquoise stones in a crescent shape. It looked […]


 The world knows (I know, I told them) that I’ve been having a hard time with the Jane Winchester business this week. What it all comes down to is quality of production. I am determined to create a line that’s special, has a high perceived value and will look beautiful over time. This has proven […]

Over Monograms? NOT THESE.

I honestly can’t believe I am writing about monograms. Growing up in the south, I have been monogrammed within an inch of my life...but always in a predictable way. What’s catching my eye now is a fresh take on the initial or monogram. Rewind. Why is a jewelry designer/blogger writing about monograms? As you may […]

80’s Inspired (don’t be scared)

In 1985 the first American Elle magazine cover (at left) featured Yasmin Le Bon in a signature 80’s look: black knit, a pop of yellow, and a graphic earring. There is something to the graphic earrings that are hitting stores right now that have that 80’s edge. Could it be because Fall 2017 is all about […]

Key Symbolism in Jewelry

Keys are popping up everywhere in jewelry this fall and have really cool symbolism to make them more interesting. Vogue Paris reported it first after the Fall 2017 runway shows noting Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga showing keys in jewelry accessories (link to their coverage here).  Any jewelry that has symbolism behind it – which so […]

Pearls Reinvented. Mine are Chanel :)

The family legend has it that my Grandmother (known as Grandmummy) was traveling to Paris with my Grandfather on business. They lost her luggage and while he worked, she refilled her suitcase at...drumroll...CHANEL. Best move ever. I was the only granddaughter on that side of the family and was lucky enough to receive the long […]

Chunky Chain Bracelets + A Dash of Horn

Why does everything get chunky in the fall? Chunky gold chains. Chunky sweaters. There’s a chunky heel movement I’m definitely investing in! Jewelry has gotten involved on the seasonal chunky-trend. There is something to scrunching up your sweater sleeve for a fall stack of gold bracelets. I have been pretty ‘neutral’ obsessed lately - lots […]

Signet Rings: Not just for Grandfathers :)

While monogramming ‘everything’ may go in-and-out of vogue, the classic signet ring is a piece many adapt for life. There is a typical signet ring that is being blown-up this Fall. FUN. Typically a signet ring is worn on the pinky. Typically a signet ring is for men! Typically a signet ring bore a family […]

Leather Bracelets: An Expensive Habit (that’s totally worth it)

I’m not sure if it’s a trend or if this style has made it to classic status, but there is a look to the leather wrap bracelet that says: I am influenced by Hermes therefore very chic. I GET IT. Things that wrap have a certain nonchalance that when done right can steal the show. […]

Guide to GOLD for the Next 4 Weeks: Add-A-Bead

Are you in love with turtlenecks for fall? With beat-up denim and kitten heels? ME TOO!  After a sunny weekend playing tennis and swimming, and a week ahead that looks deliciously warm, let's not rush the cold weather fashion.  What's happening right now in jewelry? We are seeing gold rule with gold discs and gold balls […]

FALL MUST HAVE: The Charm Necklace

So many of us have charm bracelets that we have added to over the years. They are conversation pieces and your own ‘history’ right there on your wrist. Mine holds memories of travel (the Eiffel tower), my hobby of the time (gold roller skates!), and milestone moments (confirmation cross). There is something to the look […]

SNAKES. Always trending? WE THINK YES.

Snakes have been used in jewelry forever and are top of our list for the coolest critter for accessories. Just like last week's HEART post (read about trending heart jewelry here), snakes are polarizing - some people can’t get enough and others hate (Emilie!). If snakes are your thing - great - we love them […]

Hearts Are Everything

Hearts Find Me! I see them everywhere - so much so that I had to start sharing them on Instagram. The heart obsession shouldn’t sideline the jewelry design, but I had to dedicate at least one blog post to heart jewelry. So here’s the deal...some people HATE HEARTS. Some people I really really adore like […]

Build a wardrobe of GOLD HOOPS

As we move into a new season there is a natural gravitation for a new look - fun! Despite having the best summer of my life, last week I actually said to my friend Sol, “I am getting excited for Fall fashion.”  She laughed - but then we spent 45 minutes planning heels, wide-leg jeans […]

Basic but Essential: THE WRIST STACK

For our last days of summer we celebrate all the little bracelets that remind you of friends and sunshine. The wrist stack is a year round thing: piles of bracelets on one arm that feel ‘right’ for the season. Fall is anchored by a cuff, winter may take on multiple gold bangles, spring is a […]